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Six Nations

England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales come head-to-head in the infamous annual rugby union tournament in the northern hemisphere. The fight for the top spot drives each team to make their nations proud and be crowned victorious! The tournament draws millions of supporters from around the world, selling out ticket’s months in advance. Tensions reach fever-pitch as the tournament builds toward Super Saturday —the final weekend of matches— and with everything to play for, these six nations give everything to secure their place in history.   

Founded in 1883, the home nations championship is the oldest sporting tournament between the 4 home nations, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. Twenty-seven years later, in 1910, with France joining the competition, the tournament was renamed the 5 Nations. Italy joined the fray in 2000 creating the 6 Nations we see today.

Rivalries run deep between nations; every team’s goal is to hoist the overall championship trophy. But there are also many inter-nation trophies played out during the tournament; Scotland and England battle for the Calcutta Cup, England play Ireland for the Millennium Trophy, and France & Italy fight for the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy, among others. The UK home nations also battle for the Triple Crown and any team that defeats all 5 other nations wins the Grand Slam.