Adidas is a brand synonymous with rugby for players and fans alike. With sponsorships at the highest level -including kit and boot sponsor to the New Zealand All blacks- and their rugby boots on the feet of some of the finest rugby players around the world, it's impossible to argue that adidas are a driving force in the game.

In a 'blink-and-you've-missed-it' world of change, it's testament to adidas' commitment to rugby that they've extended their partnership with the All Blacks and New Zealand Rugby (NZR) until 2023, marking a 24-year relationship between the two. you can find the unmistakable official New Zealand All Blacks rugby shirts and clothing range here.

With a wealth of knowledge in footwear manufacturing, adidas continue to develop, improve and revolutionise rugby boots. On the feet of literally thousands of professional rugby players -with iconic boot models like Predator and Kakari- adidas rugby boot are the first choice for many players.

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