Rugby Shirt Types

When you’re browsing for a new replica rugby jersey, you may find a variety of terms used to describe what style a shirt is. Each brand that manufactures a replica shirt uses their own term to describe the fit and purpose of that shirt. For example, adidas use the term “Player Shirt” for their top end product whereas Macron describe their equivalent shirt as “Bodyfit”.

If you are having trouble with the naming conventions used, check out the information below to find out the differences between the shirts available at

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Also known as Gameday, Bodyfit or Test Shirts. Click Here to shop all Athletic Fit Rugby Shirts.

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These are top of the range when it comes to replica shirts of your favourite teams. Designed to replicate the shirts worn by the players on match day, these shirts are tight fitting and include technical fabrics to improve performance. Not only do they show your dedication to the team, they can be great to wear for training.

  • Tight-fitting - to give tacklers nothing to hold onto.
  • Technical Fabrics – for temperature regulation, wicking moisture etc.
  • Often utilises textured grip on chest area to improve ball carrying.
  • More premium features and technologies (varies among manufacturers).


Also known as Poly Shirts, or Pro Shirts. Click Here to shop all Regular Fit Rugby Shirts.

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Made for the fan, these shirts are ideal to wear at the stadium, in the pub or at home. The most popular type of shirt available at rugbystore, they don’t have as many features as the Test Shirts but are more comfortable and are available at a lower price point. They also make use of technical fabrics making them great for gym or training sessions.

  • Slim fitting but not skin-tight
  • Technical Fabrics – lightweight, wicks moisture etc.
  • Features the same design as the teamshirt
  • Ideal for showing your support


Also known as Leisure Shirts, or Vintage Shirts, often long sleeved but can also be short sleeved. Click Here to shop all Relaxed Fit Rugby Shirts & Click Here to shop the Rugbystore Classic Rugby Shirt Range.

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Inspired by jerseys before the professional era, classic shirts typically have a traditional collar style and are often long sleeved. They’re great for wearing casually and supporting your team, especially in colder weather.

  • Traditional rugby collar
  • Made from heavy cotton or part cotton fabrics
  • Loose-fit and comfortable
  • Incorporate design found on the game day shirts